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Welcome To Kumon Studies
The Best International Online School!

Good schooling is the basic right of every student. Quality education is the core aspect of the growth and development of a student and future. Kumon Studies Online School ensures vivid, flexible and relevant learning. Kumon Studies Online School is a highly selective independent school, where dedicated instructors help talented students worldwide pursue their passions in real-time. Kumon Studies Online School has established a truly amazing community of learners, educators and supporters. The school provides a unique hybrid space with online flipped classrooms enriched by in-person opportunities through regional meetups and residential programs.

Kumon Studies is an International Institute which provides Online Education from Primary to High School. We provide online LIVE lectures with a proper schedule every day. Online Classes are kept to a minimum of students to ensure each student has ample attention. We offer a personal, engaging teaching experience where students can question their teachers during and after classes to ensure they have a solid understanding of the subjects.


It also offers After School Club – Online Tuition Services for students of Primary, Secondary and High School in the subjects they need help. Along with this, Kumon Studies also offers Short Courses such as IELTS Preparation, SAT, GMAT, GRE, Computer Courses, English Language Courses, Chinese & Turkish Language Courses.

To keep our method of teaching unique from the rest, we, at Kumon Studies has adopted British and Japanese techniques using the latest methods and technology. Our tutors are not only foreigners and foreign qualified; rather, they help students develop a deeper understanding of the class material through various activities, projects, games, and gain successful skills that can improve their overall grade. They assess student academic strengths and challenges and develop strategies for time-management, test-taking, textbook reading, memorisation, and note-taking.