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Kumon Studies (KS) provides students with excellent academic programs and a nurturing environment with close student-teacher relationships. KS is a private yet affordable institute that started in 2017 offering Pre-School, Homeschooling, After School Club, Short Courses such as IELTS Preparation, Computer Basics, AutoCAD, Website Designing, Chinese Language and much more. Moreover, we are affiliated with some of the most famous UK Universities such as Anglia Ruskin, Northampton and, Bedfordshire Universities and offer their degree programs in Business, Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Law, Education, Human Resources and Travel & Tourism.

Our Mission Statement

To keep our method of teaching unique from the rest, we, at Kumon has adopted British and Japanese techniques using the latest methods and technology. Our tutors are not only foreigners and foreign qualified; rather, they help students develop a deeper understanding of the class material through various activities, projects, games, and gain successful skills that can improve their overall grades. They assess student academic strengths and challenges and develop strategies for time-management, test-taking, textbook reading, memorization, and note-taking.

For further details regarding our Franchise, you can download our e-Prospectus by clicking the link below

Kumon e-Prospectus

Or simply Call or WhatsApp 0317 4306926

Our Purpose

To celebrate diversity and tolerance. We will meet students’ demands on an individual basis, without any pre-conditions and our customers are our students.

Our Aims

  • To provide students with a clear and coherent pathway to achieving their GOALS.
  • To offer the best preparation and access to higher/further education and the world of work/enterprise.
  • To present an environment where the individual is valued and respected.
  • To prepare our students for life as the 21st century.
  • To provide a safe learning environment for students and to help unleash their potential to fulfil their ambitions.
  • To provide research-based guidance to students and enhance their aspirations.

Our Pledge to our Students as Our Customers

PLEASE tell us what you really “want”; we will do our absolute best to show you how to achieve it, as long as you believe it is worthy of you and indeed progressive from your point of view. We will inspire you to enhance your aspirations and “wants” so that you can unleash YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, which may be beyond your present imagination and current mind-set. Quick Strap Line: if you can tell us what you want, we can show you how to get it…

Our Ethos

We believe: The end RESULT of education is CHARACTER.

Our Growth Mind-set and Thinking into Character

In addition to academic success, it is important that students become productive members of modern society. We also recognise that personal renewal is a process that takes place throughout a person’s entire life and, in line with our ethos, ‘the end result of education is character,’ we want our students to develop their own personal skills that will enable them to move onto the next stage of their education as well-rounded individuals with an understanding of the laws of nature. We show each student how to think more clearly; set and achieve their goals; and take actions which will lead to a very productive and fulfilling future. Passion and desires come from within, and students will be encouraged to progress towards the realisation of their GOALS.

01. Small class sizes

We have teachers who are expert in their subjects and support systems that develop academic and personal skills, which combine to deliver an educational experience unparalleled in the independent education. Such small class sizes enable us, as an institution, to fulfil our motto of ‘academic excellence’.

02. Experienced teachers

We have teachers with an average of 10+ years of teaching experience. Our teachers are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and believe in active, student-centred teaching. “Learn how to think, not what to think,” is a central teaching philosophy with our staff favouring guided discovery. In class, students are helped to achieve a depth of understanding, debating issues and mastering the concepts, techniques and skills required to learn effectively, solve problems and communicate at an advanced level.

03. Close student monitoring system / Regular progress updates

Each student is assigned to a dedicated tutor, whose role is to supervise students’ academic progress and general welfare. Regular discussions are held to discuss progress in class, homework, test results and reports.

04. Personal Development Programme

Kumon Studies strives to provide our students with a comprehensive personal development programme that helps to:

  • Improve their awareness and sense and of the world around them
  • Improving their decision-making
  • Helping to make positive life choices
  • Define their identity
  • Develop their talents
  • Build potential

05. Results and destinations (value-added)

We are proud of our academic record at Kumon Studies. Despite having a non-selective admissions policy and a wide variety of courses targeted at students of different academic abilities, our students manage to achieve outstanding overall results.

We pride ourselves on the ‘value-added’ education we provide to all our students. Our courses enable a wide range of students to achieve results far beyond their initial expectations. We are confident that all our students leave us able to pursue their aspirations, knowing that they have been guided to achieve their best, using our careful support network.

06. Kumon’s Library

Students are also actively encouraged to make use of Kumon’s Library, with its state of the art facilities and extended opening hours. We as an educational institute place great emphasis on facilitating the ‘independent learner’. They must adjust to new ways of studying. They are expected to be a lot more independent in regards to their studies and learn to organise and structure their own time effectively and carry out research with minimal guidance from teachers. This is all part of the academic culture and mindset we are creating. This will enable our students to study quietly under the supervision of academic professionals ensuring that free time is used productively and efficiently.

07. Activities / Student Clubs

All students are encouraged to experience the wide range of sports, arts, cultural and leisure activities on our doorstep in north-west London. We team up with the key, local cultural associates which help to add value for all our students. For example, we use sporting facilities at Harrow Leisure Centre, and have an outdoor football/basketball court. Harrow and north-west London has so much to offer and our teaching sites are within minutes of tennis courts, top-class sports pitches, swimming pools and sports halls.

08. Modern Learning Facilities

Our teaching buildings include well-equipped, air-conditioned and bright study rooms. Our IT provision is second to none, with superfast broadband operating over hard-wired and WiFi networks and generous download limits. A wireless network is available throughout the campus for students to use with their own laptops, tablets or smartphones.

At Kumon Studies, we believe that we play one part of a triangular partnership, alongside students and parents.

We pride ourselves on continual communication throughout the course of the academic year. Though we appreciate that many of our students are on the cusp of adulthood, we feel that they need the support and guidance of their parents and families and in most cases, this includes parents, or guardians, having oversight of academic performance.

Whilst we frequently informally communicate with parents in regards to progress in an ad-hoc manner, either via the subject teacher or the student’s tutor we also have formal means by which we impart information to parents or guardians periodically throughout the academic year; this includes Progress Reports and Parents’ Meetings. In cases where there are grave concerns about a student, the Principal may ask parents to attend the school for a discussion.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are usually sent out to parents or guardians with a view to updating them as to work that has been covered thus far, comments on their performance and targets to work upon going forward.

Parents’ Meeting

Parents’ Meetings are usually held thrice a year for each year group. These meetings, at which the students themselves are welcome to attend should the parent or guardian desire it, are an opportunity for the teacher to talk to the parent or guardian of each student in their care and give them an update on progress and allows the parent or guardian, in turn, to ask questions to ensure that they have a full understanding of the current levels of performance and any other issues that need to be brought to their attention. These sessions are useful because they can also be a chance for the parent or guardian, the teacher and the student, to discuss and devise and agree upon a plan of action from the student in respect of improved academic performance.



The mission of the Kumon Community Library and Learning Lounge is to ensure that the members are effective users of ideas and information, as well as to promote reading. The Kumon Community Library and Learning Lounge will host several author and storyteller visits throughout the year to promote reading. The Kumon Community Library has been transformed to create a vibrant and inspiring learning environment, fit for a dynamic and design-savvy end user.

Anyone can access the library by getting a Library Membership Card from us. In order to get the card, fill in the library membership form, provide with your National ID Card and pay the security and membership fees.


1. Borrow our books Once you’ve signed up for a library card, you can browse and borrow from our selection of books.

2. We have a selection of newspapers and magazines that can be perused in the Library.

3. Computers Library members can use our computers for free – whether you need to finish some homework, send an email or do some research, you can use our computers to help you out.

4. Our Library offers free Wi-Fi for all members for your smartphones tablets and laptops.

5. Coffee / Tea / Cold Water One cup of coffee or tea may be available per visit at the library and member can use this facility by using our cafeteria area within the library by themselves.

6. Guests Members can bring their guests (maximum guests limit is 3) with an additional fee of Rs500/- for that day.

7. Printing and Photocopying We offer printing and scanning services for a small charge. Black and White Photocopy/ printing – Rs.10/page Colour Photocopy/printing – Rs.25/page Scanning Rs.5/page

All fees go directly back into the Library to help keep us going.


Develop a passion for learning.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

Do you wish to boost your child’s performance in school and help them get higher grades?
Kumon Studies is Lahore's the best international training center, helping kids aged 2-18 with academics and also developing 21st-century skills and character traits so they can achieve their dreams. Kumon’s innovative programs follow international standards.

School Learning

  • Free Wifi

    Free Wifi

    Free Wi-Fi access for studies, research, coffee break... Accessible on the whole campus, at all times during opening hours.
  • Coffee Break

    Coffee Break

    At our campus we have a small dining area with a free coffee machine, water machine and microwave to be used during coffee break or lunch.
  • iPads


    Apart from computers the library also houses iPads that are accessible to students, which you can use for studying, projects and assignments, and are also used occasionally in class.
  • Library


    A comfortable space to sit and work on your group projects or study, the library provides you with a vast assortment of books on several subjects, computers and IPads.
  • Free Parking

    Free Parking

    Free and safe parking area is available to all KS students and visitors.
  • IPad


    Providing a creative and useful tool for entertainment as well as education, the IPad is as popular among the teachers as among the children.
  • Computer Lab

    Computer Lab

    Here, children have the opportunity to work on their school projects and research, as well as join in on dynamic activities organized by the teachers.
  • Library


    A familiar space providing a wide range of books to stimulate children’s fondness of reading.