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Kumon Community Library


The mission of the Kumon Community Library and Learning Lounge is to ensure that the members are effective users of ideas and information, as well as to promote reading. The Kumon Community Library and Learning Lounge will host several author and storyteller visits throughout the year to promote reading. The Kumon Community Library has been transformed to create a vibrant and inspiring learning environment, fit for a dynamic and design-savvy end user.

Anyone can access the library by getting a Library Membership Card from us. In order to get the card, fill in the library membership form, provide with your National ID Card and pay the security and membership fees.


1. Borrow our books Once you’ve signed up for a library card, you can browse and borrow from our selection of books.

2. We have a selection of newspapers and magazines that can be perused in the Library.

3. Computers Library members can use our computers for free – whether you need to finish some homework, send an email or do some research, you can use our computers to help you out.

4. Our Library offers free Wi-Fi for all members for your smartphones tablets and laptops.

5. Coffee / Tea / Cold Water One cup of coffee or tea may be available per visit at the library and member can use this facility by using our cafeteria area within the library by themselves.

6. Guests Members can bring their guests (maximum guests limit is 3) with an additional fee of Rs500/- for that day.

7. Printing and Photocopying We offer printing and scanning services for a small charge. Black and White Photocopy/ printing – Rs.10/page Colour Photocopy/printing – Rs.25/page Scanning Rs.5/page

All fees go directly back into the Library to help keep us going.