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Our Courses

Spoken English

Kumon Studies offers a range of language expertise and communication courses at different times of the day, all of which are taught by foreign qualified professionals.
We have a Spoken English program in a supportive environment to ensure our students and professionals experience success every day not only for day-to-day communication but also in academic and social situations.
This Spoken English course is for all age groups ranging from school going children to professionals.
In this class, we have drama, dialogues, plays and various other activities to make the class interesting and interactive.
This course is beneficial for all.

School going kids can make the most of it by:
  • improving their English speaking skills
  • removing hesitation
  • vocabulary building
  • advanced grammar
  • increasing their communication in English at school.

  • Professionals can benefit vastly:
  • acquire fluency
  • enhance vocabulary
  • achieve an accent

  • We inculcate in them confidence; for them to realise their true potential and prepare them to use the English language as their very own.
    We have a highly qualified and skilled faculty which provides individual support to learners as and when required.